Authenticity: We act with integrity and humility.

We encourage openness and value honest feedback between each other and our partners. We are open to personal change and have a genuine curiosity to learn from those around us. We approach each interaction as a learning opportunity. Everyone has something to teach.

Innovation: We create positive change in the world.

We create positive change in the world. We look beyond the present and seek ethical, forward-thinking solutions to challenges that may come. Whether through research to find the next treatment for an ocular disease or the pursuit of day to day efficiencies, we are driven to surpass
what has already been achieved.

Service: We focus on those we serve.

We serve passionately! Grieving families, donation partners, the ophthalmic community, and our peers at VG rely on our work. We build bonds of trust by satisfying our partners’ needs first and incorporating their voice whenever possible.

Stewardship: We take the long view.

VG wants to have an impact today, tomorrow, and long into the future. As such, we consider how our resources are responsibly managed and the long-term effect of new initiatives.

Unity: Without you, what I do doesn’t matter.

We treat one another with respect and communicate openly. There is no part of our organization that can survive without the others. We express thankfulness and gratitude. What we accomplish together is much more than any of us could do on our own.